About Vlad Somov

Vlad Somov is the president and founder of the NGO/website known as "North Korea and World Relations." He has always had an acute interest in North Korea, and how governments in different countries negotiated with one another. Vlad was the first American teenager (holding both US and Russian citizenships) to pay an actual visit to North Korea for 4 days, in June of 2019. Vlad's goal with this website is to broaden people's understandings of countries' foreign relations with each other around the world, specifically countries such as North Korea, the United States, China, Russia, and major countries in the European Union. Vlad is also known as a published author, specifically for his St. Albans Bulldogs school newspaper. He is a researcher for Tony Namkung's upcoming book on North Korea, and he is also a finalist of the international travel fellowship competition for his research proposal on China's Belt and Road initiative. Furthermore, Vlad has recently started supporting a charity for the Harlem Link Elementary Charter School in New York, as well as the Global Kids Organization. Please feel free to check out the home page of the site, and perhaps click the donate button to make an underprivileged kid's life a little better. Every dollar helps, and thank you for your consideration. 


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